Python Course | Python Tutorial for Beginners | Intellipaat

๐Ÿ”ฅIntellipaat Python course: <a href="" title="" target='_blank'></a><br /> ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡Following topics are covered in this python tutorial for beginners video:๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡<br /> Python Course: <span class="playtime" data-second="0" title="Python Course">0:00</span><br /> What is Python? - <span class="playtime" data-second="86" title="What is Python?">1:26</span><br /> Why choose Python? - <span class="playtime" data-second="188" title="Why choose Python?">3:08</span><br /> Features of Python - <span class="playtime" data-second="284" title="Features of Python">4:44</span><br /> Applications of Python - <span class="playtime" data-second="355" title="Applications of Python">5:55</span><br /> Salary Trends - <span class="playtime" data-second="437" title="Salary Trends">7:17</span><br /> Quiz - <span class="playtime" data-second="481" title="Quiz">8:01</span><br /> Installing Python - <span class="playtime" data-second="508" title="Installing Python">8:28</span><br /> Python Variable - <span class="playtime" data-second="871" title="Python Variable">14:31</span><br /> Python Tokens - <span class="playtime" data-second="1145" title="Python Tokens">19:05</span><br /> Literals in Python - <span class="playtime" data-second="1440" title="Literals in Python">24:00</span><br /> Operators in Python - <span class="playtime" data-second="1749" title="Operators in Python">29:09</span><br /> Python Datatype - <span class="playtime" data-second="2555" title="Python Datatype">42:35</span><br /> Python Flow Control - <span class="playtime" data-second="4500" title="Python Flow Control">1:15:00</span><br /> Python Function - <span class="playtime" data-second="5140" title="Python Function">1:25:40</span><br /> Python Function Call - <span class="playtime" data-second="5312" title="Python Function Call">1:28:32</span><br /> Quiz - <span class="playtime" data-second="5686" title="Quiz">1:34:46</span><br /> Python Lambda - <span class="playtime" data-second="5763" title="Python Lambda">1:36:03</span><br /> Quiz - <span class="playtime" data-second="6058" title="Quiz">1:40:58</span><br /> Python Classes/Object - <span class="playtime" data-second="6098" title="Python Classes/Object">1:41:38</span><br /> Python File Handling - <span class="playtime" data-second="6144" title="Python File Handling">1:42:24</span><br /> What is Numpy? - <span class="playtime" data-second="6966" title="What is Numpy?">1:56:06</span><br /> How to Create Numpy Array? - <span class="playtime" data-second="7084" title="How to Create Numpy Array?">1:58:04</span><br /> What is Numpy Array? - <span class="playtime" data-second="7292" title="What is Numpy Array?">2:01:32</span><br /> Numpy Array Initialization - <span class="playtime" data-second="7461" title="Numpy Array Initialization">2:04:21</span><br /> Numpy Array Inspection - <span class="playtime" data-second="7908" title="Numpy Array Inspection">2:11:48</span><br /> Numpy Array Mathematics - <span class="playtime" data-second="8332" title="Numpy Array Mathematics">2:18:52</span><br /> Numpy Array Broadcasting - <span class="playtime" data-second="9096" title="Numpy Array Broadcasting">2:31:36</span><br /> Indexing and Slicing in Python - <span class="playtime" data-second="9265" title="Indexing and Slicing in Python">2:34:25</span><br /> Array Manipulation in Python - <span class="playtime" data-second="9608" title="Array Manipulation in Python">2:40:08</span><br /> Advantages of Numpy over List - <span class="playtime" data-second="10876" title="Advantages of Numpy over List">3:01:16</span><br /> Python Pandas - <span class="playtime" data-second="11432" title="Python Pandas">3:10:32</span><br /> Features of Pandas - <span class="playtime" data-second="11682" title="Features of Pandas">3:14:42</span><br /> Pandas vs Numpy - <span class="playtime" data-second="12063" title="Pandas vs Numpy">3:21:03</span><br /> How to import Pandas in Python? - <span class="playtime" data-second="12190" title="How to import Pandas in Python?">3:23:10</span><br /> What kind of data does suit Pandas the most? - <span class="playtime" data-second="12205" title="What kind of data does suit Pandas the most?">3:23:25</span><br /> Data Structures in Pandas - <span class="playtime" data-second="12234" title="Data Structures in Pandas">3:23:54</span><br /> Data-set in Pandas - <span class="playtime" data-second="12284" title="Data-set in Pandas">3:24:44</span><br /> What is a series object? - <span class="playtime" data-second="12314" title="What is a series object?">3:25:14</span><br /> How to change the index name? - <span class="playtime" data-second="12464" title="How to change the index name?">3:27:44</span><br /> Create different Series Object datatypes - <span class="playtime" data-second="12576" title="Create different Series Object datatypes">3:29:36</span><br /> What is DataFrame? - <span class="playtime" data-second="12601" title="What is DataFrame?">3:30:01</span><br /> Features of DataFrame - <span class="playtime" data-second="12648" title="Features of DataFrame">3:30:48</span><br /> How to create a DataFrame? - <span class="playtime" data-second="12736" title="How to create a DataFrame?">3:32:16</span><br /> Create a DataFrame from a Dictionary - <span class="playtime" data-second="12957" title="Create a DataFrame from a Dictionary">3:35:57</span><br /> Create a DataFrame from a Series - <span class="playtime" data-second="13005" title="Create a DataFrame from a Series">3:36:45</span><br /> Create a DataFrame from a numpy ND array - <span class="playtime" data-second="13028" title="Create a DataFrame from a numpy ND array">3:37:08</span><br /> Merge, Join and Concatenate - <span class="playtime" data-second="13060" title="Merge, Join and Concatenate">3:37:40</span><br /> DataFrame for Pandas Merge - <span class="playtime" data-second="13408" title="DataFrame for Pandas Merge">3:43:28</span><br /> Quiz - <span class="playtime" data-second="15643" title="Quiz">4:20:43</span><br /> Basics of Data Visualization - <span class="playtime" data-second="15810" title="Basics of Data Visualization">4:23:30</span><br /> Data Visualization Example - <span class="playtime" data-second="16085" title="Data Visualization Example">4:28:05</span><br /> Why do we need Data Visualization? - <span class="playtime" data-second="16123" title="Why do we need Data Visualization?">4:28:43</span><br /> Data Visualization Libraries - <span class="playtime" data-second="16697" title="Data Visualization Libraries">4:38:17</span><br /> What is Matplotlib? - <span class="playtime" data-second="16821" title="What is Matplotlib?">4:40:21</span><br /> Why choose Matplotlib? - <span class="playtime" data-second="16868" title="Why choose Matplotlib?">4:41:08</span><br /> Types of Plots - <span class="playtime" data-second="17051" title="Types of Plots">4:44:11</span><br /> Demonstration: Bar Plot - <span class="playtime" data-second="20788" title="Demonstration: Bar Plot">5:46:28</span><br /> Demonstration: Scatter Plot - <span class="playtime" data-second="20828" title="Demonstration: Scatter Plot">5:47:08</span><br /> Demonstration: Histogram - <span class="playtime" data-second="20935" title="Demonstration: Histogram">5:48:55</span><br /> Demonstration: Box Plot - <span class="playtime" data-second="20944" title="Demonstration: Box Plot">5:49:04</span><br /> Demonstration: Violin Plot - <span class="playtime" data-second="21006" title="Demonstration: Violin Plot">5:50:06</span> <br /> Demonstration: Image Plot - <span class="playtime" data-second="21016" title="Demonstration: Image Plot">5:50:16</span><br /> Demonstration: Image to Histogram - <span class="playtime" data-second="21083" title="Demonstration: Image to Histogram">5:51:23</span><br /> Demonstration: Quiver Plot - <span class="playtime" data-second="21114" title="Demonstration: Quiver Plot">5:51:54</span><br /> Demonstration: Stream Plot - <span class="playtime" data-second="21157" title="Demonstration: Stream Plot">5:52:37</span><br /> Demonstration: Pie Chart - <span class="playtime" data-second="21196" title="Demonstration: Pie Chart">5:53:16</span><br /> Quiz - <span class="playtime" data-second="21883" title="Quiz">6:04:43</span><br /> Introduction to PySpark - <span class="playtime" data-second="21989" title="Introduction to PySpark">6:06:29</span><br /> What is PySpark? - <span class="playtime" data-second="22102" title="What is PySpark?">6:08:22</span><br /> Advantages of PySpark - <span class="playtime" data-second="22186" title="Advantages of PySpark">6:09:46</span><br /> When to use Python or Scala with Spark? - <span class="playtime" data-second="22315" title="When to use Python or Scala with Spark?">6:11:55</span><br /> Python vs Scala - <span class="playtime" data-second="22355" title="Python vs Scala">6:12:35</span><br /> PySpark in Industry - <span class="playtime" data-second="22435" title="PySpark in Industry">6:13:55</span><br /> PySpark Installation - <span class="playtime" data-second="22531" title="PySpark Installation">6:15:31</span><br /> PySpark Fundamentals - <span class="playtime" data-second="22929" title="PySpark Fundamentals">6:22:09</span><br /> Spark Context - <span class="playtime" data-second="22952" title="Spark Context">6:22:32</span><br /> Spark Context: Parameters - <span class="playtime" data-second="22996" title="Spark Context: Parameters">6:23:16</span><br /> What is SparkConf? - <span class="playtime" data-second="23139" title="What is SparkConf?">6:25:39</span><br /> SparkConf: Attributes - <span class="playtime" data-second="23202" title="SparkConf: Attributes">6:26:42</span><br /> SparkConf: Example - <span class="playtime" data-second="23428" title="SparkConf: Example">6:30:28</span><br /> SparkFile - <span class="playtime" data-second="23443" title="SparkFile">6:30:43</span><br /> Resilient Distributed Dataset - <span class="playtime" data-second="23641" title="Resilient Distributed Dataset">6:34:01</span><br /> Operations in RDD - <span class="playtime" data-second="23670" title="Operations in RDD">6:34:30</span><br /> Transformation in RDD - <span class="playtime" data-second="23679" title="Transformation in RDD">6:34:39</span><br /> Action in RDD - <span class="playtime" data-second="23738" title="Action in RDD">6:35:38</span><br /> Action &amp; Transformation - <span class="playtime" data-second="23816" title="Action &amp;amp; Transformation">6:36:56</span><br /> When to use RDD - <span class="playtime" data-second="23844" title="When to use RDD">6:37:24</span><br /> What is DataFrame? - <span class="playtime" data-second="23927" title="What is DataFrame?">6:38:47</span><br /> What is MLlib? - <span class="playtime" data-second="23978" title="What is MLlib?">6:39:38</span><br /> Capstone Project - <span class="playtime" data-second="24018" title="Capstone Project">6:40:18</span><br /> Problem Statement - <span class="playtime" data-second="24044" title="Problem Statement">6:40:44</span><br /> Data Manipulation - <span class="playtime" data-second="24106" title="Data Manipulation">6:41:46</span><br /> Data Visualization - <span class="playtime" data-second="24927" title="Data Visualization">6:55:27</span><br /> Linear Regression - <span class="playtime" data-second="25641" title="Linear Regression">7:07:21</span><br /> Logistic Regression - <span class="playtime" data-second="26433" title="Logistic Regression">7:20:33</span><br /> Decision Tree &amp; Random Forest - <span class="playtime" data-second="27027" title="Decision Tree &amp;amp; Random Forest">7:30:27</span><br /> Python Interview Questions - <span class="playtime" data-second="27600" title="Python Interview Questions">7:40:00</span><br /> Python Job Trend - <span class="playtime" data-second="27613" title="Python Job Trend">7:40:13</span><br /> Basic Questions -<span class="playtime" data-second="27646" title="Basic Questions">7:40:46</span><br /> Questions on OOPS - <span class="playtime" data-second="27896" title="Questions on OOPS">7:44:56</span><br /> Questions on NumPy - <span class="playtime" data-second="28530" title="Questions on NumPy">7:55:30</span><br /> Questions on Pandas - <span class="playtime" data-second="28903" title="Questions on Pandas">8:01:43</span><br /> File Handling in Python - <span class="playtime" data-second="29441" title="File Handling in Python">8:10:41</span><br /> Lambda Function in Python - <span class="playtime" data-second="29501" title="Lambda Function in Python">8:11:41</span><br /> Questions on Matplotlib - <span class="playtime" data-second="29579" title="Questions on Matplotlib">8:12:59</span><br /> Module in Python - <span class="playtime" data-second="29842" title="Module in Python">8:17:22</span><br /> Random Questions - <span class="playtime" data-second="29903" title="Random Questions">8:18:23</span><br /> Machine Learning with Python - <span class="playtime" data-second="30532" title="Machine Learning with Python">8:28:52</span><br /> <br /> ๐Ÿ“• Read complete Python tutorial here: <a href="" title="" target='_blank'></a><br /> ๐Ÿ‘‰This Python tutorial for beginners video will help you master end to end Python programming course. We have covered Python projects and Python Interview Questions as well in this Python full course tutorial.<br /> #PythonCourse #PythonTutorialForBeginners #PythonTutorial #Intellipaat #LearnPython #Python #PythonforBeginners #PythonTrainingforBeginners #PythonCourseforBeginners #PythonTraining<br /> <br /> ๐Ÿ“Œ Do subscribe to Intellipaat channel &amp; get regular updates on videos: <a href="" title="" target='_blank'></a><br /> <br /> ๐Ÿ’ก Know top 5 reasons to learn python: <a href="" title="" target='_blank'></a><br /> <br /> ๐Ÿ”— Watch complete Python tutorials here: <a href=";list=PLVHgQku8Z935Qq0h3SZpSOwSrUMx1y3c9" title=";list=PLVHgQku8Z935Qq0h3SZpSOwSrUMx1y3c9" target='_blank'>;list=PLVHgQku8Z935Qq0h3SZpSOwSrUMx1y3c9</a><br /> <br /> ๐Ÿ“•Read insightful blog on Python certification: <a href="" title="" target='_blank'></a><br /> ------------------------------<br /> For more Information:<br /> Please write us to, or call us at: +91- 7847955955 US : 1-800-216-8930(Toll Free)<br /> <br /> Website: <a href="" title="" target='_blank'></a><br /> <br /> Facebook: <a href="" title="" target='_blank'></a><br /> <br /> LinkedIn: <a href="" title="" target='_blank'></a><br /> <br /> Twitter: <a href="" title="" target='_blank'></a><i class="fa fa-language transViewIcon clickable" title="Translation"></i>

Python Course | Python Tutorial for Beginners | Intellipaat
Video date 19/08/17 14:30
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Python Course | Python Tutorial for Beginners | Intellipaat
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Python Course | Python Tutorial for Beginners | Intellipaat
08:37:34Python Course | Python Tutorial for Beginners | Intellipaat
01:26Python Course 01:42What is Python? 01:36Why choose Python? 01:11Features of Python 01:22Applications of Python 00:44Salary Trends 00:27Quiz 06:03Installing Python 04:34Python Variable 04:55Python Tokens 05:09Literals in Python 13:26Operators in Python 32:25Python Datatype 10:40Python Flow Control 02:52Python Function 06:14Python Function Call 01:17Quiz 04:55Python Lambda 00:40Quiz 00:46Python Classes/Object 13:42Python File Handling 01:58What is Numpy? 03:28How to Create Numpy Array? 02:49What is Numpy Array? 07:27Numpy Array Initialization 07:04Numpy Array Inspection 12:44Numpy Array Mathematics 02:49Numpy Array Broadcasting 05:43Indexing and Slicing in Python 21:08Array Manipulation in Python 09:16Advantages of Numpy over List 04:10Python Pandas 06:21Features of Pandas 02:07Pandas vs Numpy 00:15How to import Pandas in Python? 00:29What kind of data does suit Pandas the most? 00:50Data Structures in Pandas 00:30Data-set in Pandas 02:30What is a series object? 01:52How to change the index name? 00:25Create different Series Object datatypes 00:47What is DataFrame? 01:28Features of DataFrame 03:41How to create a DataFrame? 00:48Create a DataFrame from a Dictionary 00:23Create a DataFrame from a Series 00:32Create a DataFrame from a numpy ND array 05:48Merge, Join and Concatenate 37:15DataFrame for Pandas Merge 02:47Quiz 04:35Basics of Data Visualization 00:38Data Visualization Example 09:34Why do we need Data Visualization? 02:04Data Visualization Libraries 00:47What is Matplotlib? 03:03Why choose Matplotlib? 01:02:17Types of Plots 00:40Demonstration: Bar Plot 01:47Demonstration: Scatter Plot 00:09Demonstration: Histogram 01:02Demonstration: Box Plot 00:10Demonstration: Violin Plot 01:07Demonstration: Image Plot 00:31Demonstration: Image to Histogram 00:43Demonstration: Quiver Plot 00:39Demonstration: Stream Plot 11:27Demonstration: Pie Chart 01:46Quiz 01:53Introduction to PySpark 01:24What is PySpark? 02:09Advantages of PySpark 00:40When to use Python or Scala with Spark? 01:20Python vs Scala 01:36PySpark in Industry 06:38PySpark Installation 00:23PySpark Fundamentals 00:44Spark Context 02:23Spark Context: Parameters 01:03What is SparkConf? 03:46SparkConf: Attributes 00:15SparkConf: Example 03:18SparkFile 00:29Resilient Distributed Dataset 00:09Operations in RDD 00:59Transformation in RDD 01:18Action in RDD 00:28Action & Transformation 01:23When to use RDD 00:51What is DataFrame? 00:40What is MLlib? 00:26Capstone Project 01:02Problem Statement 13:41Data Manipulation 11:54Data Visualization 13:12Linear Regression 09:54Logistic Regression 09:33Decision Tree & Random Forest 00:13Python Interview Questions 00:33Python Job Trend 04:10Basic Questions 10:34Questions on OOPS 06:13Questions on NumPy 08:58Questions on Pandas 01:00File Handling in Python 01:18Lambda Function in Python 04:23Questions on Matplotlib 01:01Module in Python 10:29Random Questions 08:42Machine Learning with Python
Python Course | Python Tutorial for Beginners | Intellipaat
๐Ÿ”ฅIntellipaat Python course:
๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡Following topics are covered in this python tutorial for beginners video:๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡
Python Course: 0:00
What is Python? - 1:26
Why choose Python? - 3:08
Features of Python - 4:44
Applications of Python - 5:55
Salary Trends - 7:17
Quiz - 8:01
Installing Python - 8:28
Python Variable - 14:31
Python Tokens - 19:05
Literals in Python - 24:00
Operators in Python - 29:09
Python Datatype - 42:35
Python Flow Control - 1:15:00
Python Function - 1:25:40
Python Function Call - 1:28:32
Quiz - 1:34:46
Python Lambda - 1:36:03
Quiz - 1:40:58
Python Classes/Object - 1:41:38
Python File Handling - 1:42:24
What is Numpy? - 1:56:06
How to Create Numpy Array? - 1:58:04
What is Numpy Array? - 2:01:32
Numpy Array Initialization - 2:04:21
Numpy Array Inspection - 2:11:48
Numpy Array Mathematics - 2:18:52
Numpy Array Broadcasting - 2:31:36
Indexing and Slicing in Python - 2:34:25
Array Manipulation in Python - 2:40:08
Advantages of Numpy over List - 3:01:16
Python Pandas - 3:10:32
Features of Pandas - 3:14:42
Pandas vs Numpy - 3:21:03
How to import Pandas in Python? - 3:23:10
What kind of data does suit Pandas the most? - 3:23:25
Data Structures in Pandas - 3:23:54
Data-set in Pandas - 3:24:44
What is a series object? - 3:25:14
How to change the index name? - 3:27:44
Create different Series Object datatypes - 3:29:36
What is DataFrame? - 3:30:01
Features of DataFrame - 3:30:48
How to create a DataFrame? - 3:32:16
Create a DataFrame from a Dictionary - 3:35:57
Create a DataFrame from a Series - 3:36:45
Create a DataFrame from a numpy ND array - 3:37:08
Merge, Join and Concatenate - 3:37:40
DataFrame for Pandas Merge - 3:43:28
Quiz - 4:20:43
Basics of Data Visualization - 4:23:30
Data Visualization Example - 4:28:05
Why do we need Data Visualization? - 4:28:43
Data Visualization Libraries - 4:38:17
What is Matplotlib? - 4:40:21
Why choose Matplotlib? - 4:41:08
Types of Plots - 4:44:11
Demonstration: Bar Plot - 5:46:28
Demonstration: Scatter Plot - 5:47:08
Demonstration: Histogram - 5:48:55
Demonstration: Box Plot - 5:49:04
Demonstration: Violin Plot - 5:50:06
Demonstration: Image Plot - 5:50:16
Demonstration: Image to Histogram - 5:51:23
Demonstration: Quiver Plot - 5:51:54
Demonstration: Stream Plot - 5:52:37
Demonstration: Pie Chart - 5:53:16
Quiz - 6:04:43
Introduction to PySpark - 6:06:29
What is PySpark? - 6:08:22
Advantages of PySpark - 6:09:46
When to use Python or Scala with Spark? - 6:11:55
Python vs Scala - 6:12:35
PySpark in Industry - 6:13:55
PySpark Installation - 6:15:31
PySpark Fundamentals - 6:22:09
Spark Context - 6:22:32
Spark Context: Parameters - 6:23:16
What is SparkConf? - 6:25:39
SparkConf: Attributes - 6:26:42
SparkConf: Example - 6:30:28
SparkFile - 6:30:43
Resilient Distributed Dataset - 6:34:01
Operations in RDD - 6:34:30
Transformation in RDD - 6:34:39
Action in RDD - 6:35:38
Action & Transformation - 6:36:56
When to use RDD - 6:37:24
What is DataFrame? - 6:38:47
What is MLlib? - 6:39:38
Capstone Project - 6:40:18
Problem Statement - 6:40:44
Data Manipulation - 6:41:46
Data Visualization - 6:55:27
Linear Regression - 7:07:21
Logistic Regression - 7:20:33
Decision Tree & Random Forest - 7:30:27
Python Interview Questions - 7:40:00
Python Job Trend - 7:40:13
Basic Questions -7:40:46
Questions on OOPS - 7:44:56
Questions on NumPy - 7:55:30
Questions on Pandas - 8:01:43
File Handling in Python - 8:10:41
Lambda Function in Python - 8:11:41
Questions on Matplotlib - 8:12:59
Module in Python - 8:17:22
Random Questions - 8:18:23
Machine Learning with Python - 8:28:52

๐Ÿ“• Read complete Python tutorial here:
๐Ÿ‘‰This Python tutorial for beginners video will help you master end to end Python programming course. We have covered Python projects and Python Interview Questions as well in this Python full course tutorial.
#PythonCourse #PythonTutorialForBeginners #PythonTutorial #Intellipaat #LearnPython #Python #PythonforBeginners #PythonTrainingforBeginners #PythonCourseforBeginners #PythonTraining

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Python Course | Python Tutorial for Beginners | Intellipaat
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